With various entertainment options around Chicagoland, businesses are competing harder than ever for your hard-earned dollars. From casino’s promising big winnings to entertainment complexes offering everything from bocce ball to live music. Even Chicago area strip clubs are getting in on the action of attracting men and women alike to their clubs.

But what Chicago strip clubs give you the best bang for your buck?

Let’s take a look at some of the top gentlemen’s clubs in the area.

Atlantis Gentlemen’s Club

A themed strip club that promises to transport you to a completely different world. Namely: an ‘ancient adult playland’ filled with exotic hotties and stunning dancers. Atlantis is located around 25 minutes by car from downtown Chicago.

The place has 24 private dance rooms, including eight and two master suites. The Athena’s Lounge is a VIP-only area set behind a wall of private glass where customers can ‘people watch’ in privacy.

For a truly spectacular view, check out Plato’s Penthouse. This is set super high over the main dance floor and offers a see-thru stage. This private dance area is perfect for lounging and observing all the erotic beauties they have to offer.


Looking at Polekatz from the outside reminds one of a dark, grey airplane hanger. Modeled after a Vegas-style club, it offers exotic dancing, pole dancing, table dancing, and plain old lap dances. Yes, it’s located way out in the Chicago suburbs near Midway Airport. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but Polekatz is an adult club unlike any other in Illinois.

Polekatz dancers are referred to as Kittens. The club is home to 150 Kittens meowing around so you will never get bored.

Polekatz is a popular spot for bachelor parties but also has birthdays, corporate events, bachelorette parties and even divorce parties. The club doesn’t have the same upscale private rooms Atlantis Chicago is known for. 

Club 390: Chicago’s best strip club

Celebrating its 15th year in business and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Club 390, located in Chicago Heights and has the best of everything for a top-rated strip club in Chicago.

They have fully nude and full contact dances along with a full liquor bar! That means you can get your drink on in the company of Chicago’s sexiest women! Not only does the club offer a great atmosphere, it hands down has the best strippers in Chicago. 

Along with the naked girls, Club 390 offers awesome drink and dance specials, unrivaled on the Chicago strip club scene. This place caters to everyone, men women and couples. They have incredible VIP memberships and bachelor party packages.

You will definitely have fun here with video gaming, a chef-inspired menu, monthly theme nights, and specials. Plus, it’s the only club that actually takes the show on the road with their special events.

Blackjack’s Gentlemen’s Club

Located in the far western suburb of Elgin, doesn’t really seem to offer anything of significance really. The former high-end steak house converted into this strip club many years ago, offers your standard fare.

One has to wonder why the website has an image of an Elvis impersonator? The website girls are stock images which makes you wonder what the actual girls look like. 

Blackjack’s doesn’t cater to bachelor, birthday or divorce parties, nor do they offer any type of VIP packages. All in all, just an average, run of the mill strip club.

Based on my own research, I choose Chicago’s best strip clubs as Club 390. Atlantis next followed by Polekatz, then Blackjack’s bringing up the rear.

Club 390 offers the best in adult entertainment and value.

They cater to everyone and offer the best nude dances in the area. Let’s not forget the full liquor bar and those ever-popular full friction dances!