Club 390 Partners


As one of Club 390’s exclusive partners, Diane’s Gaming Cafe located in Chicago Heights offers generous amenities and personalized service to all guests. With state-of-the-art video gaming, Diane’s Gaming Cafe is a popular destination for anyone looking for a great gaming experience.

Situated in a relaxed, comfortable setting, Diane’s is a wonderful place to gather with friends and enjoy quality time. Patrons routinely have a great time playing slots and video poker games. Offering top-quality food, great service and a terrific beer and wine selection, guests continue to enjoy the generous amenities that Diane’s Gaming and Cafe have to offer.

For more information on Diane’s Gaming Cafe, visit their website.


A premier partner, Tina V’s Dance Wear is the official dancewear company for the club. As a huge social media influencer, gorgeous stripper and entrepreneur, Cristina Villegas knows what Entertainers want when they get up on stage. Her designs are definitely head turners.

Club 390 is proud to be associated with such a quality company. The exclusive designs Tina V is bringing to Club 390 reflect well on the elegance and sexiness the dancers display every day.

For more information on Tina V Dancewear, check out her Instagram page.